SkiffRopes sell custom made sheets, halyards and control lines for skiffs, dinghies and catamarans.  Most of our sales are currently directly with customers rather than thru this website.  This website aims to make it easier for our customers to get the extra things they need, especially when they did not know that SkiffRopes stocks, or can easily get, that particular product.

Some of our class specific lines are now pretty standard and relatively easy to buy. If you want to vary a class specific line to your needs or have a line you want us to custom make please email your request to sales@SkiffRopes.com or give Cam a call on 0433 546 356.

We also sell ropes by the metre and splicing tools. And encourage you to do it yourself. We discount 100m rolls of rope by 20% on the per metre price.

We stock, or can typically get quickly, a range of fittings to compliment your ropes (such as blocks, cleats, dogbones, rings, fairleads and shackles) as well as other sailing products such as tools, instruments, clothing.

SkiffRopes stocks the best range of ropes in Australia for skiffs.  Often, we can get new stock from our nearby suppliers quickly and by bicycle. Sometimes, out of stock ropes will take a while to get if our suppliers braiding machines are busy or because stock is being shipped to Australia by sea.

Our complimentary parts stock holding is usually pretty good.  Again, if we are out of stock, we can often get it quickly and by bicycle, from our nearby suppliers and sometimes the next day from our interstate suppliers.  When our suppliers are out of stock on goods manufactured overseas (typically the USA, UK and Denmark), resupply is sometime relatively quick by air-freight and sometimes relatively slow, by sea-freight.

We try to indicate our stock holdings online.  Sometimes we are wrong, particularly when Cam has sold stock at a regatta venue or the length of rope on the end of a roll does not match up with what we think we have.

Whilst many products are in stock at SkiffRopes, we still offer to sell products that we don't have stock but are pretty confident that we can get hold of quickly.  If we know a product is not readily available from our suppliers then we will indicate so and encourage you to try to buy elsewhere.

Plenty of the photos on this site belong to Christophe Favreau.  Whilst we want to use plenty of skiff photos, some of Christophe's other subjects are just too nice not to show.  If you want to buy any of Christophe Favreau's photographs, please contact him at: https://www.christophefavreau.com/index

Cam McDonald

Cameron McDonald operates SkiffRopes.  He sails plenty of skiffs, mostly 18 and 12 foot skiffs and then 16 foot skiffs and International 14s when he can.  You can often buy lines and parts at regattas when Cam is sailing or ask for orders to be delivered where Cam is sailing.  Typically that is at the Australian 18 Footer League at Double Bay, Sydney on Sundays and Lane Cove 12 Foot Skiff Sailing Club on Saturdays.