New spinnaker sheets, nice sunset

Spliced up new spinnaker sheets this afternoon and they are out sailing already on the Manly Surf N Slide 16 foot skiff.

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Pink kite sheets are now making pink spinnaker sheets and mainsheets.  Hopefully you see some winning races on the Cherubs, 13s and and 16s soon.

The sheets are made from LIROS Magic Sheet.  The rope has a very compact polypropylene core and polyester cover.  The FireStopping 16 Foot Skiff Team have been using this rope for their spinnaker sheets since 2009.



You can order custom made spinnaker sheets and mainsheets to suit your skiff or buy rope by the metre.  We have pink LIROS Magic Sheet in stock and sell it for $4/m.   You can call or email me to buy from or you can buy online from DeckHardware.

Phone: 0433 546 356





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16 foot skiff NSW Championship racing at Middle Harbour 16 Foot Skiff Club

The first two races of the 16 Foot Skiff NSW Championship will be raced this weekend at Middle Harbour 16 Foot Skiff Club this weekend.

Looking forward to having a sail on the Typhoon on Saturday and feeling what the new boat is like.


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Black Rock Skiff Regatta

Sailing with Mark Krstic at the Black Rock Skiff Regatta to day in his Team Harken I14.




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Rudder box fittings

Supplying fittings for a rudder box upgrade.




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Bring a boat around for splicing

I like it when someone brings their boat to my place for splicing.


It was a pleasure doing some decorative splicing for Michael’s model wooden boat. Impressive woodwork.




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Sydney Sailboat Expo


Free splicing lessons and more, today at the Sydney Sailboat Expo.

And another beautiful day at a beautiful place.



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Spinnaker sheet winners

Congratulations to Martin and Ian sailing Citadel Magnus and Terry, Wayne and Don sailing Squid on winning the sponsored spinnakers sheets at the Captain Morgan 2016 12 Foot Skiff Australian Championships.  Get to grips with light weight floatrope, soft shackle clew strops and mid-sheet cockpit joiners!


Thanks for putting the stickers on your skiffs!

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Handicap Champions

Adrienne Cahalan and Cameron McDonald won the 2016 Australian 12 Foot Skiff Championship sailing Panadol Rapid, a 26 year old Nash3 design skiff.


The Pandol team steered clear of the Captain Morgans Rum until after the last race, keeping their time penalties low, by not winning any of the races.  Consistent scoring kept them in the game but they went into the final days racing 2 points behind the very well performing Gizmo team of James Birdsall and Ewan Duckworth.  Both skiffs were deep in the fleet but sailed well to get into the top 10 finishers in light testing conditions on Sydney Harbour, with the experienced Panadol Rapid team (having just teamed up for the event) keeping a very loose cover over the Gizmo team throughout the race.

Adrienne had put the Panadol Rapid skiff on the market before winning the Handicap Title.  Get in touch if you are interested in buying a good entry level 12 foot skiff.

Here’s a shot showing how to start when you are not the fastest skiff in the fleet (or it probably works if you are the fastest too!).


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Ariane Saroch and Ben Markey having fun racing their 13 foot skiff at the Hervey Bay Easter regatta.  And getting a bit of airtime on the local WIN TV news broadcast.


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