TKM_Ali_20120929Cam McDonald currently races with the Australian 18 Footers League on The Kitchen Maker 18 foot skiff team with Malcolm Page and Darren McKavanagh. This week we are racing in the JJ Giltinan Championship.

Cam also raced the:

    • 2012 / 2013 International 14 Australian Championships with Dave Alexander (Alexander Sails)
    • 2013 12 Foot Skiff Interdominion Championship with Brendan Matthews (Allwood Sails)
    • last heat of the 2013 16 Foot Skiff Australian Championship with Daryl Milham and Max (Bigfoot Bags & Covers)
    • 2013 Australian Historical 18 Foot Skiff Championship with Harold Cudmore and crew (The Mistake).

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